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Errant Golf Ball Policy

Kindly understand that the Lake Bluff Park District is not responsible or liable for property damage or personal injuries arising out of errant golf balls. Errant shots are a part of the game and it is impossible to eliminate the inherent risks associated with the game of golf. However, the Park District is committed to safety, good sportsmanship, and cooperation, and has developed the following guidelines to minimize errant shots and to assist injured parties in identifying the responsible golfer who hit the errant shot:

Golfers are expected to exercise the highest degree of sportsmanship, etiquette, caution and considerations of others – refraining from horseplay, carelessness or reckless behavior.

Golfers are responsible for their conduct and play, including errant shots that may result in property damage or personal injuries.

In the event of property damage or personal injury, an employee of the golf course will assist the injured party in trying to identify the golfer who struck the errant shot. However, the injured party cannot be disruptive or discourteous to facility patrons or staff.

The Park District is not responsible for identifying the golfer who hit the errant ball or for ensuring that the parties exchange contact and/or insurance information when the responsible golfer is identified. When the responsible golfer is known, golf course staff will try to facilitate polite interaction and cooperation between the responsible golfer and injured party.

An Incident Report will be completed and a copy shall be provided to the alleged injured party upon request.