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Severe Weather and Lightning Warning Policy

It is the policy of the Lake Bluff Golf Club that if a storm has been forecast or the weather is looking threatening, designated employees will monitor the weather radio and/or watch the television (Doppler Radar) for any weather warnings. If a "severe weather warning" (severe weather is imminent and shelter should be taken immediately) is broadcast and/or lightning has been detected by the Thor Guard Integrated Lightning Prediction and Warning System, the course is to be cleared immediately. The following procedures and guidelines will be followed by the staff:

Blow the emergency horn one prolonged blast to notify the golfers that the course is to be cleared. This is the warning system established by the United States Golf Association.

Clubhouse staff and rangers are not to go out onto the golf course to clear patrons. If rangers are already on the course, they should notify all patrons they encounter on the way back to the clubhouse to discontinue play and seek shelter. To assist with this process, rangers shall be given a boat horn.

Upon hearing the horn, all maintenance staff are to return to the clubhouse or maintenance building immediately. They should inform all patrons they encounter to discontinue play and seek shelter.

Play should be suspended until the automated Thor Guard Integrated Lightning Prediction and Warning System has sounded the "All Clear" with three short horn blasts.

At the time of suspended play, the course is officially closed and no golfers shall be permitted to tee off.